Timemap.js Examples

Basic Examples

How to load and display data using different map providers and Timeline versions.

Basic Example, Google v2
Basic Example, Google v3
Basic Example, OpenLayers
Basic Example, Bing Maps
Basic Example, Timeline v2.3.0

Other Loaders

How to load data from external files.

Kenya KML Example
Demonstrates: Loading data using KML, setting bandInfo to customize the timeline.
Google Spreadsheet Example
Demonstrates: Loading data from a Google Spreadsheet
Earthquake GeoRSS Example
Demonstrates: Loading data using GeoRSS

More Involved Examples

How to do more interesting stuff with loaded data.

Placemarks Example
Demonstrates: Loading various types of placemarks.
Google Spreadsheet Example, Arbitrary Columns
Demonstrates: Loading Google Spreadsheet data with additional non-standard columns.
KML Example: Loading ExtendedData
Demonstrates: Loading arbitrary data in KML using ExtendedData elements, setting themes in KML.
Renaissance Artists and Authors Example
Demonstrates: Loading data from Freebase.com, hiding and showing datasets
Filter Example
Demonstrates: Using filter chains to filter on custom criteria
Data Themes Example
Demonstrates: Using item data to define themes at load time
Progressive Loading
Demonstrates: Using the progressive loader to load additional data as the timeline is scrolled
State Loading
Demonstrates: Loading timemap state (map position, timeline position, etc) via the hash portion of the URL.

Advanced Examples

Some complicated stuff to give you an idea of what the library can be used for.

Temporal Heatmap from a Google Spreadsheet
Demonstrates: Sizing icons over time according to a particular data element, consolidating rows from a Google Spreadsheet into single items.
Timemap Synchronized with Google Earth
Demonstrates: What it says :).
Flickr Photos with Pathlines
Demonstrates: Loading JSON data from Flickr, using filters to add lines between points
Polygon Tweening
Demonstrates: Using filters to tween polygons over time

Note: Some browsers, notably Google Chrome 5+, will not run all of these examples locally, because of security restrictions around loading local files. Take a look at the online version if you have any problems.