Timemap.js v.2.0.1


Author: Nick Rabinowitz (www.nickrabinowitz.com)

Version: 2.0.1

This is the auto-generated code documentation for Timemap.js.

Timemap.js is intended to sync a SIMILE Timeline with a web-based map. Thanks to Jorn Clausen (http://www.oe-files.de) for initial concept and code. Timemap.js is licensed under the MIT License (see LICENSE.txt).

Depends on: jQuery, a customized version of Mapstraction 2.x, a map provider of your choice, SIMILE Timeline v1.2 - 2.3.1.

Tested browsers: Firefox 3.x, Google Chrome, IE7, IE8

Tested map providers: Google v2, Google v3, OpenLayers, Bing Maps

Class Index

Core Classes

These are the base classes of the library - the models that hold the timemap data.

TimeMap The TimeMap object holds references to timeline, map, and datasets.
TimeMapDataset The TimeMapDataset object holds an array of items and dataset-level options and settings, including visual themes.
TimeMapItem The TimeMapItem object holds references to one or more map placemarks and an associated timeline event.

Loader Classes

These classes provide different ways of loading data from various sources.

TimeMap.loaders Namespace for different data loader functions.
TimeMap.loaders.base Abstract loader class.
TimeMap.loaders.base#params Namespace for parameters used for loading data into a TimeMapItem object.
TimeMap.loaders.basic Basic loader class, for pre-loaded data.
TimeMap.loaders.flickr Flickr loader: Load JSONP data from Flickr.
TimeMap.loaders.georss GeoRSS loader: Load GeoRSS feeds.
TimeMap.loaders.gss Google Spreadsheet loader.
TimeMap.loaders.json JSON string loader - expects a plain JSON array.
TimeMap.loaders.jsonp JSONP loader - expects a service that takes a callback function name as the last URL parameter.
TimeMap.loaders.kml KML loader: load KML files.
TimeMap.loaders.metaweb Metaweb loader: Load data from freebase.com.
TimeMap.loaders.progressive Progressive loader class - basically a wrapper for another remote loader that canload data progressively by date range, depending on timeline position.
TimeMap.loaders.remote Generic class for loading remote data with a custom parser function
TimeMap.loaders.xml This is a base loader class for XML files.

Param Classes

These classes provide an architecture for loading data elements, either in the loaders or from a URL or other source. You probably won't need to worry about them much.

TimeMap.params Namespace for parameter classes
TimeMap.params.ExtendedDataParam Class for parameters loaded from KML ExtendedData elements
TimeMap.params.OptionParam A convenience class for those parameters which deal with a valuein the options of a TimeMap or TimeMapItem object, setting someadditional default functions.
TimeMap.params.Param A parameter, with methods to get, set, and serialize the current value.
TimeMap.state Namespace for static state functions used to set the timemap state programmatically, either in a script or from the url hash.
TimeMap.state.params Namespace for state parameters, each with a set of functions to set and serialize values.

Theme & Utility Classes

These classes provide functionality and predefined objects for themes and utility functions.

TimeMap.dateParsers Lookup map of supported date parser functions.
TimeMap.filters Namespace for different filter functions.
TimeMap.intervals Lookup map of common timeline intervals.
TimeMap.loadManager Static singleton for managing multiple asynchronous loads
TimeMap.mapTypes Lookup map of map types.
TimeMap.themes Pre-set event/placemark themes in a variety of colors.
TimeMap.util Namespace for TimeMap utility functions.
TimeMapFilterChain TimeMapFilterChain holds a set of filters to apply to the map or timeline.
TimeMapTheme Predefined visual themes for datasets, defining colors and images for map markers and timeline events.
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